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Medical officer at 21st Clinic, Dr. Marfo has clarified that Piriformis Syndrome is different from Sciatica.

Speaking on Sompa's TV/FM's “The Healing Point” which airs every Saturday at 1:00 pm., the medical expert educated that, Piriformis Syndrome is a disorder in which the piriformis muscle in the buttocks irritates the sciatic nerve.

"The syndrome is a disorder of a narrow muscle located in the buttocks.

Piriformis syndrome causes pain or numbness in your butt, hip or upper leg." He stated.

In his submission, Dr Marfo mentioned that the Piriformis syndrome occurs when your piriformis muscle compresses your sciatic nerve and results in inflammation, this causes pain or numbness in your buttock and down the back of your leg.

To paint a bigger picture, Dr Marfo explained that the condition is very common and can often be mistaken for Sciatica. Therefore, it takes only experts to diagnose since MRI and Xrays fail to do so.

According to Dr. Marfo, Sciatica and Piriformis Syndrome are sometimes related and both affect the sciatic nerve. However, they are different.

"Piriformis syndrome only involves the piriformis muscle pressing on one area of the sciatic nerve in the buttock. It can feel a lot like sciatica but in a more specific area, which could be deep within the buttocks" he added.

Speaking on the causes of the medical condition, Dr Marfo explained that anything that makes the piriformis press on the sciatic nerve can result in the Piriformis syndrome condition.

Nevertheless, The most common piriformis syndrome causes are:

- Sitting for long periods (for example, people who do a lot of siting in their jobs),  - Climbing stairs, walking or running without strong enough Piriformis muscles,

- Having tight muscles from lack of physical activities,

- Lifting something improperly and damaging the Piriformis muscle.

In conclusion, he sent a strong message of caution to medical professionals to handle patients with care, especially when injecting the buttocks region since any pinch of oversight might cause the medical ailment.

It came about when the clinic started getting patients with complain of waist pain, thigh and calf with foot pain in a town in Brong Ahafo called Nkoranza. Because it was so rampant in the area, we decided to enter into households within the district to find out why people are presenting with that symptoms


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