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ABƐMDURO: The Ultimate Local Delicacy For Pregnant and Lactating Mothers

ABƐMDURO: The Ultimate Local Delicacy For Pregnant and Lactating Mothers

"Abɛmduro" or Palm soup with herbs is an unmistakable item on the menu of every nursing mother.

In Africa, Palm nuts are notable for containing vitamin K which is one of the most important fat-soluble vitamins required by the body.  The oil found in palm nuts is loaded with vitamin A which improves vision. The soup is also a source of vitamin C, which improves immunity.

On Last week's episode of Healing Point on Sompa TV/FM, health experts outlined the health benefits of consuming "Abɛmduro" especially during and after childbirth, where it was established that this delicacy and other local ones protect women from complications of pregnancy and childbirth.

Women who survive labour deserve to be pampered and shown extra love and care. They need foods which will rejuvenate their bodies, and replenish all lost

vitamins, minerals, blood and other fluids during those trying times.  "Abɛmduro" is, therefore, the supreme dish to restore the female system after childbirth."

"Abɛmduro" is prepared with palm nuts, and more importantly, herbs. Experts recommend herbs like ferns(Aya), "Obaatan bɛwe toa", cassava leaves and Paullinia pinata, which is locally called "Tuantini".

These herbs are added to the palm nut due to their rich nutritional quantity. They protect lactating mothers from complications after childbirth and increase their breast milk production significantly. They are a natural way of enhancing breast milk formulation. They also encompass essential vitamins including K, E and A and have more distinctive anti-oxidant benefits for our health.

The healthy soup can be enjoyed with swallows like Fufu, Banku and Riceball at any time of the day.

It came about when the clinic started getting patients with complain of waist pain, thigh and calf with foot pain in a town in Brong Ahafo called Nkoranza. Because it was so rampant in the area, we decided to enter into households within the district to find out why people are presenting with that symptoms


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